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Community is defined as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitude, interests, and goals. The community of Iowa was built on faith, hard work, and dedication.

ln the mid-19th century, families from Kansas, Illinois, and Iowa (hence the name of our town) settled here in hopes of a better life. The rich soil proved prosperous for rice farming and cattle raising. ln 1937, during the Great Depression Era, the land proved prosperous once again when oil was struck. Iowa thrived as oil companies, hard working men, and families poured into the community of Iowa.

Today the community of Iowa has a population of 3,528 people, who still hold the same founding principles of faith, hard work, and dedication.

On August 27rh, 2020, category 4 Hurricane Laura, ripped through Iowa causing complete destruction. Many lost homes, and businesses were demolished. The community picked up the pieces, stood strong, and continued to thrive. Local businesses are up and running, homes are rebuilt, our high-ranking school system is back better than ever, and our beautiful parks are full of life.

So, the next time you are driving on Interstate 10, Hwy 383, or Hwy 90, stop by, have a meal, and visit our beautiful Veteran’s Memorial Park. Come discover why our community is, Iowa Strong!

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